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Innovation Jam


The Innovation Jam, a crown jewel of the Student Energy experience, is an interactive and innovative session during which delegates work in teams to pitch their ideas to solve real-world problems. By drawing on the diverse wealth of knowledge and experience of the delegates present at the conference, key discussions and problem-solving can take place, essential for innovation. The best of these ideas will have the opportunity to pitch at the Innovation Jam Finals on the final day of the conference.


The Webex

Join us for the kick-off of the innovation Jam and learn about the importance of innovation in solving problems. The Webex session is running on July 10th 13:00-14:00 British Summer Time and will involve a discussion on the importance of innovation and technology from Daniel Walker, Head of Technology Futures at BP. This session will also introduce you to the concept of the Innovation Jam and its structure at the Summit. The Webex will also include a development session on how to build ideas, work together as a team, and how to deliver a successful pitch.


The App & The Innovation Jam

The SES 2019 App will act as your central hub for all things related to the Innovation Jam. Here you can post your ideas, interact with other delegates to discuss their ideas, and overall contribute to the development of your favourite ideas. You can contribute to and post about as many ideas as you like. Use this platform as a way of meeting delegates and working on solving our toughest energy problems together!

The app will be used to identify the most popular ideas and these will be brought into the Innovation Jam session. The highest interacted with ideas on the app will be selected at 12:00pm on the 18th July - Day 1 of the Summit!


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At the Summit

The SES 2019 team will introduce the concept of the Innovation Jam and re-iterate the importance of the role of the app in deciding the ideas. Use the networking events, meal-times and the other sessions to discuss your ideas with the delegates at the Summit and boost the popularity of your idea!

On Day 3 we will host an introduction session where Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation at the European Commission, will be providing a video keynote on the importance of innovation in solving complex challenges.

At this point you will be shown which ideas have been chosen for the Innovation Jam, which room/ table they have been allocated to in order to join the team focused on your idea!


Innovation Jam

After lunch, head to your chosen room and find your table. Join your team and start innovating! As a heads-up, see the criteria that the judges will be scoring your idea on below. It is important to note, you are free to move tables during the Innovation Jam and there will be unallocated tables in each room where you can develop new ideas, should you wish to!



Judging will take place in the final 30-minutes of the Innovation Jam session. At this point, a maximum of 4 members of your table’s team may be involved in the 2-minute pitch. Your pitch will be judged based on its problem-solving potential or feasibility, creativity and the quality of your team’s pitching skills! This is when the Innovation Jam Final teams will be selected!


Congratulations if you make it this far, if not - do not fear! There are plenty of ways to stay connected with your team, build your idea and gain funding for your idea. You will hear more about this during the Changemakers panel - where SES alumni will discuss how they took their ideas from the Summit and successfully implemented them in the real world to make a tangible difference and drive their careers. The teams entering the Final will be informed on the day of the Innovation Jam.


IJ Prizes

Your team will win enrolment onto the Student Energy Leaders Fellowship - an exciting new program led by the Student Energy team. The 10-month program, consists of online course work and mentoring sessions paired with in-person experiential education through a practicum project. The course is broken down into two tracks: Track 1, is the Energy knowledge component of the program, where we teach young people about the current energy system, and the different systems that influence it; Track 2 focuses on future work skills, and allows participants to learn and practice these skills in relation to their practicum projects.

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