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Breakout Session 1

  • Imperial College London (map)

The breakout sessions take the form of panel discussions, with a diverse range of panellists alongside a student moderator. These sessions will be headed with a question to be debated, resulting in a progressive and engaging discussion between speakers and delegates. These sessions offer a unique opportunity for delegates to learn, engage and discuss topics in great detail with a panel of experts. 

Day 1

Take Me There: The Decarbonisation of Transport
Transportation is integral to the development of societies. Can regulation and infrastructure keep up with the technological advancements in transport? What major steps can be taken in the transport industry to mitigate global warming?

Sustainable Finance: How Can New Financial Models Accelerate the Energy Transition?
With falling costs of renewable energy technologies, capital deployment presents itself as one of the most efficient methods to mobilise and facilitate the transition to a more sustainable future. What are the different methods for financing energy projects and what are their associated risks?

Step-over: The Power of the Technology-Driven Leapfrog
Progress is inherently linked to technology. Can developing countries leapfrog fossil fuels and go straight to renewable energy sources? What are the challenges and opportunities that come with clean energy access?

Fuelling the Next Generation: Women In Energy
Diversity in the energy industry is critical for innovation. Increasing diversity allows for new and different perspectives on how to solve problems, and encourages creative thinking. What role can women play in the energy sector and what are challenges and opportunities looking forward?

Moving Forwards: How are the Actions of Big Oil Influencing the Energy Industry?
A carbon-neutral economy requires a complete transition from oil. Is this a feasible option for energy markets and the industry? How are Big Oil companies enacting change now and how does this reflect the actions of the energy industry as a whole?