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Breakout Session 2

  • Imperial College London (map)

The breakout sessions take the form of panel discussions, with a diverse range of panellists alongside a student moderator. These sessions will be headed with a question to be debated during the session resulting in a progressive and engaging discussion between speakers and delegates. These sessions offer a unique opportunity for delegates to learn, engage and discuss topics in great detail with a panel of experts.

Day 2

Navigating Negative Emissions Technologies
How can CCS mitigate further carbon emissions from fossil fuels? How can we combine this process with biofuels? Are these technologies truly carbon neutral? How can we combine CCS with biofuels (BECCS)? What role does geoengineering play in slowing down climate change?

Intelligent Cities: Cleaner, greener, healthier.

Around the world, cities continue to expand as urbanisation continues to offer better living standards. How are these cities improving, driving innovation, optimising space and fundamentally providing pleasant living environments? What are the key challenges facing a world where urbanisation is increasing?

Hidden Energy: Global Supply and behaviour

Intertwined within a global network of suppliers, traders and vendors, Around the world, cities continue to expand as urbanisation continues goods and services are often available at our finger-tips without a to offer improved standards of life compared with rural communities. This panel will look at the how engineers, urban planners and governments are planning and developing the future of our cities. New technologies incorporating the IoT and connected home energy second thought. Our behaviours are changing and this is having an increased impact on our energy system. Emissions from global supply chains down to next-day delivery vans, energy use in growing and distributing food, and disposal of single-use plastics all add-up and their implications for a sustainable energy future need to be management systems continue to offer incredible opportunities to addressed. intertwine the development of greener cities whilst also offering improved quality of life.

Emerging Technology Disruptors
Innovative technologies offer tremendous opportunities to disrupt the energy transition for the better. How are innovations impacting our transition to a sustainable energy future? How do individuals, communities, governments, and nations empower themselves to adapt and understand their implications?

Charge-up! Changes in the electricity generation mix

Tremendous changes to the global portfolio of electricity generating units are occuring at an unprecedented pace. On the demand-side, distributed energy resources, smart homes, electric vehicles and battery storage are impacting traditional markets and driving new business models. How are grid system operators, power producers, utilities and market authorities reacting to these changes?


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