SES 2019, like the International Student Energy Summits before it, aims to have a positive and long-lasting impact not just on the delegates who attend, but the community in which it is held too.

Impact is multidimensional and we will think in the short and long term, with different strategies to achieve impact both locally and globally. Through debate, workshops, and networking, there is much to learn for delegates attending the London Summit. You will leave London more capable and inspired to make a difference than you have ever been. But your work will not stop there. Attending the Summit will allow you to be part of 2,500+ strong network of past and current delegates, spread across 110+ countries, and access our alumni network. We want to foster new opportunities, joint ventures and creative ideas in this passionate 50,000+ Student Energy community.


Locally, the committee recognises the unique challenges a megacity like London poses in creating a meaningful impact. Our plan is to give back through community outreach and education, sparking discussion and creating links between all stakeholders in the energy transition.


Sustainability is at the heart of the energy’s future. But how can we praise sustainability if the very same location where the Summit is being held adopts unsustainable practices? It is also our aspiration to make SES 2019 as green an event as possible, with a dedicated Sustainability Director engaged in all aspects of the Summit, minimising our footprint. We look forward to collaborating with venues and suppliers to work out sustainable solutions and alternatives to usual, unsustainable practices. We will also be working on an offsetting programme for aspects of the event we will not be able to reduce or control, such as the flights of the numerous delegates coming to the Summit. Follow our Social Medias and subscribe to our Newsletter to learn more about our Sustainability Campaign!