Imperial College London is a leading UK university, home to 17,000 students and 8,000 staff from more than 125 countries.
Rated as one of the world’s best universities, Imperial’s mission is to achieve excellence in research and education in science, engineering, medicine and business for the benefit of society. Imperial students share ideas, expertise and technology to find answers to the big scientific questions. Research and Innovation in Sustainable Energy are pursued by the following supporting Global Institutes, promoting interdisciplinary work and meeting some of the greatest challenges faced by society.


Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment

The Grantham Institute provides Imperial College London with a vital global centre of excellence for research and education on climate change and the environment. The Grantham Institute seeks to enable a sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon society through discovering, translating innovations into applications and communicating academic knowledge to businesses, industry and policymakers to help shape their decisions.


Energy Futures Lab

Interconnected challenges need holistic solutions. Energy Futures Lab’s role is to stimulate interchange of ideas and form teams from across the College, and in partnership with industry and government, to tackle the major challenges in transforming our energy system. The Energy Futures Lab initiates research programmes and inspires future leaders in the energy sector.


Enterprising Students

WE Innovate, Imperial Create Lab, Climate-KIC, Imperial Enterprise Week, White City Incubator… Imperial is proud to foster an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation among its very classrooms. It’s competitive, and we like it.

As we embark on this era of change, we hope that each member of the College will seize this opportunity to advocate what we do, be agile and courageous with new ideas and seek out new collaborations. We expect great things of ourselves and of each other.
— President of Imperial College London, Professor Alice P. Gast
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