The SES 2019 Committee is an interdisciplinary pan-European coalition of students from 22 different nationalities. It was with the acknowledgement of our diverse cultural background that the leitmotif #BreakingBarriers originated.

The Committee is spread across different universities in England, Ireland, Scotland and France. This provides us with advantages - for instance our presence in different universities allows us to reach more students - and drawbacks - we are constantly Skyping, but that’s all right, we love Skype. A majority of the Committee either studies at Imperial College of London, Durham University or National University of Ireland Galway, usually meeting face to face quarterly in London.

We privilege open-mindedness, communication and teamwork. Single members of the team contribute and propose ideas that will be discussed and agreed upon as a collective. It is through open communication, constant investigation, recruitment and discussion that allows us to work in an integrative and dynamic environment for the success of SES 2019.