Fundraising Guide

You can download a copy of the fundraising guide here.

As excited as we are to see you in London this July to join over 650 other youth from around the world at the International Student Energy Summit, we know many young leaders do not have immediate access to the funding and resources they need to travel to and attend. However, with creativity and commitment, many people in Student Energy’s network have managed to raise the funds to attend similar events in the past; here, we provide a summary of all the knowledge and techniques that helped students successfully raised funds for their attendance. We hope this tool is useful in supporting your efforts to find funding to attend SES2019.

If you need more assistance, Student Energy will be happy to work with you to help you find solutions please reach out to us for a phone call. Also please reach out to us if you have feedback or tips that can help support other students in our network!


The first step is to estimate your budget. The following strategy presents the main expenses that an average delegate would have on arrival on July 17th through to departure on July 20th. Expenses from arriving early or departing at a later date are not considered in this budget and should be accounted for in your personal budget.

Things you should consider when building your budget:

  1. Travel and Airfare

  2. Your SES2019 Ticket

  3. Additional Expenses (these could be from extended accommodation, food and dining, shopping, etc.)

1. Travel and Airfare

Be sure to check your flight costs early. Student Energy will not be able to cover flight costs, so you will be responsible to obtain these funds on your own. The sooner you book the flight, the cheaper it will be.

2. Your SES2019 Ticket

We have worked hard with partners to make the Summit as accessible to as many students as possible. All registration fees are subsidized. The full registration fee to attend SES 2019 is £500 ($680 USD), however the majority of students will receive partial bursaries.

The registration fee includes:

  • Access to all plenary and breakout sessions led by global energy experts and leaders

  • Accommodation for 3 nights in the heart of London.

    • You can choose a reduced registration fee if you arrange your own accommodation. However, it is likely most cost effective to take advantage of the group rates arranged by the SES 2019 team.

  • Lunch and dinner each day of the Summit (from dinner July 17th to lunch July 20th)

  • Access to networking and social events in historical buildings in London

  • Conference kit

Delegates Bursaries will be allocated based on individual needs and geographic location of the applicant to encourage the diversity of the event. Fees are subject to vary depending on the allocation of discounts and bursaries. A select set of students will receive full bursaries based on individual need. Your confirmation email will dictate your bursary and the total cost of your registration.

3. Additional Costs

Remember to consider additional costs like transportation before and after the Summit, souvenirs, additional nights of accommodation (if you extend your stay) and dining out. It’s also a good idea to consider and prepare for any unexpected or emergency costs.

Potential Sponsors

Once you have determined your budget, it’s time to start searching for sponsors. Raising money may seem like a difficult task, but it’s easier than you think! Many agencies and institutions will be willing to sponsor your experience when they understand that your attendance makes a positive impact for them or for your local community, such as how you will represent your school or company or how you will represent your country or region.

Here is a list of places to start looking:

Academic Institutions / Research Groups

Many academic institutions and research groups have funding available for their students and researchers to expand their knowledge outside the classroom, as well as for sharing their research and networking with a broader audience. There are many opportunities around campus to find financial aid. Check with your own faculty, student services, student delegations, international affairs, head researchers or specialized boards dedicated to energy related issues (e.g. environmental committees and energy research centers). Inspire them to help you be part of The International Student Energy Summit.

Governmental Organizations and International Cooperation Agencies

Local and national governmental agencies might offer financial support for student and youth knowledge expansion. Your local government may be keen for you to develop skills that will build community projects and capacity. National governments may have specific targets for international cooperation or youth education with funding dedicated to these causes. Finding this funding will require some research on both local and national levels to obtain the right contact, but it is a worthwhile effort to pursue.

Energy Agencies/Industries

Approaching a company you work for, plan to work for, have done an internship or co-op with, or have a connection with (friends, family members and/or mentors) is a great way to solidify your funding. Remember, it's in their best interest to have you expand your knowledge and skills, so you can become a better, future leader, and potential addition to their own expertise and diversity.


If you are involved in any energy-related clubs or organizations, particularly if you are an executive member, reach out for any opportunities to fund your experience. You may find an organization that is happy to assist you in exchange for a blog post written about the Summit or a research paper on a topic presented on at the Summit. Be open to creative collaboration and trades.

Don’t be afraid to reach out

Although emails and letters provide extensive information, they are not as meaningful as meeting a person directly. Whenever possible, talk to people whom you are seeking financial support and explain to them the reasons why you want to attend the International Summit. Be sure to thoroughly detail the importance of this event, your passion will inspire them.

If you do not know where to meet people, try reaching out through public email addresses or social platforms like LinkedIn to ask for a meeting.

Mutual Benefits

When approaching formal institutions, remember to emphasize that your attendance at the International Summit benefits others too. Their organization will greatly benefit from the learning opportunities and connections you will make at the event, and the institution will benefit from being represented at this international forum. You can also offer to promote the institution in some way like writing a blog post or sharing about your experience on social media. Creativity really helps with finding the right benefits for people. Feel free to reach out to Student Energy to brainstorm.

For family, friends, school and other close relationships, highlight that this event will help you achieve your long-term careers goals.

Do Your Homework

Be sure to thoroughly research the various opportunities available in your area and how you can reach out to obtain financial support. Poor effort or speaking to the wrong people will only hinder your progress.


Once you have started contacting potential parties regarding financial support, you will have to be patient. If you notice that they are not responding back, do not depend on only one option and reach out for more. It is important to know who you are approaching and treat them with the proper level of professionalism and respect.

Recognize that many people you are reaching out to are very busy. Depending on where you are from, it is often appropriate to email people 2-3 times if you have not yet received a response. Just always remember to be polite and professional when following up and asking for support.

You can download a copy of the fundraising guide here.

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