Attending the 2019 Student Energy Summit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a global student community accelerating solutions for the sustainable energy future. Register today to join a movement of over 50,000 students around the world!

By filling out the registration application you will be entered into the competition to secure a spot as one of 620 official delegates of SES 2019. Please note that you need to be registered as a current undergraduate or postgraduate student to apply. Delegates will have to secure any visa needed and travel funds to attend themselves, but the organizers of SES 2019 will provide guides for how to fundraise for this.

Please ensure you have read the information below regarding the registration process, cost and bursary applications and selection process before registering. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the Application Guidelines.


The registration process has two stages; the initial application to be invited as a delegate, and your final registration once you have been invited to attend (bursary application is separate).

Stage 1: Application to attend

In the initial application you will fill out a form with basic details about you and your academic background, as well as your motivation for attending the summit.

You will also submit your CV or resume that will be made available to the organizers of SES 2019 as well as sponsoring companies and organizations who will be looking to hire future employees. You may opt-out of submitting your CV or resume.

Applicants who are successful in their initial application will be contacted through the email provided in batches. Applications are reviewed continuously, and invitations are sent out at the beginning of March, April, and May. If you are not accepted within your batch of submission, then you are still in the running for the next batch. Every applicant will hear back in early March, April, and May.

Stage 2: Final registration

Successful applicants will be invited to register for the Summit using a personalized code to access the registration form. Here you will make note of any practical details (diet requirements, assistance needs, etc) so that the organizers can best accommodate you at the Summit.

When completing your final registration the conference fee has to be paid online.

If the applicant has been successful in their application they will have received a payment code in their acceptance email (see Costs and Applications for more details) which should be applied before paying the registration fee. All applicants that receive an acceptance email are guaranteed a spot at the event once they've submitted their final registration and the registration fee has been processed. This payment has to happen within 3 weeks of receiving their acceptance email.

Once the final registration is submitted and payment is received the applicant will be formally registered as an official Delegate of SES 2019 and will receive a welcome email with more information about the conference, access to materials on how to fundraise for your travel costs and guides on how to apply for a visa.


The full registration fees to attend SES 2019 are £1700, but the majority of student will receive partial bursaries. The registration fees include:

  • Access to all plenary and breakout sessions led by global energy experts and leaders

  • Accommodation for 3 nights in the heart of London

  • All meals for the duration of the Summit

  • Access to networking and social events in historical buildings characteristic to London

  • Transportation from our provided accommodation to the venue

  • Conference kit, booklet and guidebook for Delegates

For past summits, the majority of students have received partial bursaries reducing their costs to only the registration fee and accommodation costs. We aim that the majority of students will receive partial bursaries reducing their costs to only the registration fee and accommodation costs. A selected set of students who need it most will even receive full bursaries covering all expenses except travel costs.

Bursaries will be allocated based on individual needs and geographic location of the applicant, to encourage a geographic diversity of students at the event. Costs are subject to vary depending on the allocation of discounts and bursaries. For a breakdown of costs & bursaries available, please download our Application Guidelines.

Selection Process

The motto of SES 2019 is Breaking Barriers. This includes cultural barriers and barriers between education streams, and one of the aims of SES 2019 is to bring delegates from over 120 nations together from all educational backgrounds. We believe that diversity is essential to find the best solutions and we aim to invite delegates from as many countries and backgrounds as possible.

Based on your initial application, the SES 2019 team will select successful applicants based on submitted motivation letters and ensuring a diverse mix of applicants in terms of educational background, education level, gender, and geographic location.