Andres Bustamante

Co-Founder and Director, Marketing & Public Relations - EcoSwell

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Andres is the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Public Relations at EcoSwell, a for-impact NGO which seeks to guide the development of poor rural/semi-rural communities through a path of sustainability while improving the quality of life of their inhabitants. EcoSwell works on the inception, management, implementation and monitoring of environmental sustainability projects/initiatives aligned with the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals. Projects/initiatives include: socioeconomic assessments, stakeholder engagement, reforestation, renewable energy, climate change adaptation, empowerment of women and economic productivity.

Since Co-founding EcoSwell, Andres has spent the past 5 years living in Lobitos leading the organization's community relations and on the ground project implementations, all while managing the global marketing strategy. The social aspect of sustainability is key to EcoSwell's success and Andres is an instrumental part of forming strong relationships with local stakeholders in the communities where they work.