Emma Wiesner

SES 2019 Changemaker

Energy Markets Analyst at SWECO | Centerpartiet First Substitute for the European Parliament

Emma Wiesner.jpg


Emma Wiesner is an energy engineer with one foot in politics and the other in technology. In 2019, she was only 2000 votes from being elected as member of the European Parliament with her campaign ”New Energy to the EU”. She is now First Substitute to the European Parliament with the Centerpartiet in Sweden.

Emma is currently an Energy Markets Analyst at SWECO monitoring energy policy, technical development and everything in-between. She specializes in legislation, energy taxation and energy intensive industries.

Emma is excited to participate as a 2019 Changemaker at the International Student Energy Summit, and share her journey from engineering to policy, and why political engagement is such a critical element of driving change in the energy transition and climate crisis.