PROF. He JijiAng

Institute of Science, Technology and Society at Tsinghua University - Deputy Director

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Prof. He Jijiang is the Deputy Director, Institute of Science, Technology and Society at Tsinghua University. He’s engaged in research on energy transformation, low carbon development, and low carbon technology transfer. Prof. He has been responsible for, and participated in, more than ten scientific research projects for the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the National Energy Administration addressing climate change and energy policy. He has participated in the drafting of the “Guidelines for promoting internet + smart energy development” issued by the National Energy Administration and several other documents related to photovoltaics.

As the head of the research group on energy transformation and social development of Tsinghua University, Prof. He launched the global one-kilowatt photovoltaic initiative. He is also raising the fund to build a photovoltaic power generation data sharing platform in 500 universities around the world, and cooperates with a number of universities to organise photovoltaic innovation workshops.