1983F - Designer-Architect & Founder

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Justyna was born in Poland but has lived in France since 2007. She’s an architect and strategic designer, having studied architecture at the Lodz University of Tecnhology.

She lectures at the French National School of Industrial Design in Paris and she is a visiting lecturer at the department of “Design of Products and Futures" at Royal College of Art in London.

In 2013, she began her independent practice at studio 1983F where her role goes beyond that of the traditional designer-architect: her projects are based on the methodologies of systemic and behavioural design, where project outcomes can vary from the design of an international community to a physical product, ultimately focusing on impactful solutions.
Since 2013, she’s also been collaborating with Open Systems Lab on the WikiHouse project.

She is an alumni and strategic adviser to the organization Ouishare, a pioneer in the field of economics shared and horizontal management. In 2015, she co-founded the POC21 project which proposed a bottom-up alternative to COP21activities.  The project was supported by the French Ministry of Environment and Ecology and is to this day known as one of the best design examples of participatory and grassroots public policy.

In recent years she has collaborated with the French Space Agency CNES on the design of a community and ecosystem of amateur space makers and hackers called the “Federation-Open Space Makers”. The aim of this project was enabling collaboration between amateur hacker projects and industry in the area of space exploration and development.