larissa crawford

LARISSA CRAWFORD SPEAKS - Founder, Consultant and Speaker

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Larissa applies anti-racism and Indigenous knowledge to renewable energy policy and program development in Canada. As a government employee and independent business owner, she has worked internationally as a policy consultant, trainer, and professional public speaker.

Larissa has worked with the Government of Ontario as an Indigenous Policy Advisor with the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development, and Mines, and as an Advisor at the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate. Now based in Calgary, she works as an Indigenous Community Liaison with Calgary-based non-profit, Calgary Learns. In 2018, Larissa founded Larissa Crawford Speaks, extending her consulting, training, and speaking services to diverse clients working with renewable energy, youth upskilling, and policy. Larissa is a 2019/2020 Action Canada Fellow, studying policy and governance across Canada in one of the country’s most recognised policy fellowship programs.

As a volunteer, Larissa served as the 2018 G7 Youth Head Delegate of Canada, where she lobbied successfully for Indigenous climate action in the G7 Summit, and continues to do so through international ministerial forums. In 2017 she became Project Lead with York
University’ s race-based data collection initiative, and continues to work to implement the project as an alumna. She has leadership roles on several panels and committees with anti-racism missions, and volunteers as a Nike Women Role Model to promote health, self-care, and equity.

Larissa is based Calgary, Alberta, and proudly passes on Métis and Jamaican ancestry to her daughter, Zyra.