SERGE Payrat

EQUINOR - Head of Intrapreneurship Programme

Serge Payrat - Picture - 01.07.2019.jpg


Serge Peyrat is the Head of Equinor’s Intrapreneurship Programme - the company’s internal business model innovation and in-house start-up vehicle.

Serge joined Equinor in 2006 as Market Manager in what at the time was Norsk Hydro’s oil and gas business unit. He has held various commercial and leadership roles for Norsk Hydro, Equinor (then Statoil), in sales, business development and strategy. More recently, he led Equinor’s “Weak Signals” team to engage the organisation and leadership in identifying and preparing for peripheral opportunities, disruptions and industry blind-spots. Prior to joining Equinor, he cofounded a consumer products and packaging solutions company in China before joining ExxonMobil in human resources, finance and control, and demand forecasting for refining and supply. Serge is also a World Rugby certified coach for youth.