Carolina KarlstrÖm

Founder & Director, Jade Advisory

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Carolina Karlström is the founder and director of Jade Advisory Ltd., a sustainability consultancy creating space for change in organisations and communities through strategic interventions, people and community engagement. Carolina’s broad knowledge of sustainability is the result of 20+ years of experience in the renewable energy sector and in leading strategic and professional sustainability roles.

She is also an Associate of Ecoed Life. Ecoed Life is the first environmental education and behavioural change initiative that is fun and interactive and uses practical methodologies (such as the Ecoed game app) to bring about a more sustainable way of living.

Aiming to walk the walk and show how individual passion can create change, she leads the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) network in London. This is a grassroots network of change-makers aiming to raise awareness, connect people and inspire action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As if one MSc is not enough, Carolina has completed two; one in Engineering and one in Sustainability & Responsibility. She is a mother of two and she loves walking in nature (in fact her last MSc thesis was all about walking!). You can often find her hiking in the Chiltern Hills.