Kali taylor

Student Energy - Co-founder

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Kali Taylor is one of the co-founders of Student Energy.  She was the chair of the first-ever International Student Energy Summit in 2009 and served as the founding Executive Director of the organization from 2012-2015.  Kali now lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland where she leads the Geneva 2030 Ecosystem initiative, which is a partnership between the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the United Nations SDG Lab. The initiative promotes collaboration and innovation for Geneva-based actors focused on SDG implementation. In her early career, Kali held a number of positions in the energy industry focused on climate change and sustainability, including assessing policy regimes and technological options for climate mitigation. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary specialized in Energy Management and a Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation from the University of Waterloo.