Dr. Mallika Ishwaran

Senior Economist and Policy Advisor - Shell International



Dr. Mallika Ishwaran works within Group Strategy at Shell, focusing on policy and regulatory developments affecting the energy system. She has over 17 years’ experience working as an economist and policymaker in the public and private sectors, as well as academia. Prior to joining Shell in 2013, Dr. Ishwaran was a senior civil servant in the UK government. She has also worked for several years in the United States as a macroeconomic consultant in New York and as a regulatory economist for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Her role at Shell involves advising the Scenarios team on energy and climate change policies that inform Shell’s long-term scenario outlooks. Her work has a significant impact on Shell’s strategic engagements with national governments, as well as Shell’s internal policy and advocacy positions. She also regularly represents Shell on these issues at external events.

Dr. Ishwaran holds a PhD in economics from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, and an undergraduate degree in economics from St. Stephen’s College, India