Inspire. Empower. Drive change. The International Student Energy Summit 2019 is an interdisciplinary summit created for students, by students. Our mission? To spearhead the energy transition towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

Whether you are an undergrad or postgrad, whether you study psychology or finance, whether you seek knowledge, network, or simply new inspiring friends, this is the Summit to attend.

Multicultural, open and dynamic, London is a great place to host the International Student Energy Summit in 2019.  The city will provide the perfect meeting place for students to exchange, discuss and bring new ideas to life. Delegates will not be silent spectators of the play, but actors on stage, speaking up and taking action.


Over the course of four days, 650 delegates from all corners of the world will attend inspiring talks from +50 academic, industry and policy leaders. Our programme encompasses industry & technology, society & environment, markets & finance, and youth empowerment.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to shine in front of +50 leading companies  spanning different sectors and industries. A blend of panels, workshops and a recruitment fair will give delegates many opportunities to build a strong network, gain valuable insights, and build skills alongside the companies attending the Summit.

In return, we demand passion, commitment, forward-thinking, open-mindedness and a good dose of optimism from every stakeholder involved in the Summit. We are the wave of change that is taking the energy world by storm.