The energy revolution is happening now. We are empowering young people to break the barriers that stand in its way. Our diverse group of delegates, speakers, and partners will challenge the inertia of conventional systems, to create momentum for a sustainable and equitable energy future.

SES 2019’s vision is breaking barriers. The Summit seeks to be inclusive; it will bring different stakeholders under one roof, fostering reflection and discussion across a variety of challenges for our times. Breaking Barriers means acknowledging that communities are intrinsically different and face different challenges, yet all seek prosperity in a sustainable future. Breaking Barriers means nobody is left behind. 

We recognise the urgency and scale of the challenges our societies face. Our tagline #BreakingBarriers is a call for action, because action is what ultimately defines us.


[Delegates from SES 2015], you are part of the first generation that can end poverty and the last that can avert the worst impacts of climate change. I place great hopes in your power to shape our future.
— 2015, Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations